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EurAsiAmerica is an EVS cooperation project which involves 4 partners of 4 different countries around the world: France, Italy, China and Peru. There will be 16 volunteers who will experience 6 months learning/working on the issue of sustainable rural/urban development and how to develop young people’s employability. To do this, the project foresees different activities which aim to develop volunteers sense of initiative, project management and entrepreneurship skills. These skills are fundamental to increase young people’s possibility to be employed. At the same time, the acquired skills will be used by the volunteers to help local community by providing tools and knowledge which can promote rural/urban development. A virtuous cycle will be established by providing benefits in two ways: 1) at the end of the experience, the volunteers will come back home with skills that will be helpful during the job hunting; 2) the skills of volunteers will bring benefits to the local community giving local youth skills and employability perspectives in rural and urban areas.

Non-formal learning, experential learning and learning by doing will be the main methodologies used. Reciprocal approach between sending and hosting organisations will be the basis for activities implementation. Pistes Solidaires, as coordinator, will assure the correct progress of the work also by providing tools about: volunteer selection/ preparation/volunteer tutorial management/volunteer empowerment,creativity and entrepreneurship workshop/youth pass skills recognition and identification.